The researchers then placed the ratings of subjects in addition to the performance of the cyclists. And guess what? The cyclists who were considered more attractive were also performed better during the Tour de France. "Attractive cyclists are faster," summarizes researcher Erik Postman together.

... The pill is jealous and less attractive? read what she said

The study also shows that the relationship between performance and attractiveness was strongest when women not using hormonal contraception, men judged. "This is in line with previous research showing that hormones play an important role when we estimate a potential sexual partner."

Women stamina - subconsciously - so important find, Postman can be explained
In the past, the man was the one who hours or sometimes days after animals analog to collect. Food for his family "Therefore, endurance is an important evolutionary factor.

" In other words, a long-term partner who could be physically active at that time was a big evolutionary advantage. The research proves that Postman stamina was so important that the attractiveness of the male face is so evolved that it gives us include a picture of the endurance of men.

A first: man feels in real time what his robot hand feels
For the first time researchers have been able to feel what he or touching. A man who lost his arm, a robotic hand in real time


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