Laboratory tests proved that the mallow contain a great deal of vitamin "A", which helps in the representation of sugars, and maintain the integrity of the nervous system, and the emergence of diseases, swelling of the legs, which leads to progressive muscle weakness and parties.
Benefits of dry mallow:
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Characterized mallow stiff or land dried for green or fresh in several points in nutritional value, for example, mallow green contain about 3.83% protein, while mallow dry containing 22.8% protein, it is known that proteins are very essential for the growth and tissue building the body, and the percentage of fat in mallow green is 0.41%, while it is in dry 2.44%,

while the proportion of carbohydrates are 8.03%, while the jump in the mallow stiff to about 48%, which compounds work to calm the nerves and strengthen eyesight and stimulate the heart and be useful in cases of low blood pressure, weakness, while no fiber 1.71% in the mallow green, and increase to 10.21% in the stiff dried mallow, which is thus of higher plants contain fiber necessary for bowel movement, and thus the prevention of colon problems and gastrointestinal tract.

Vitamin D is known to benefit health by regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, which helps to keep bones and teeth for our health, but new research indicated that vitamin D helps prevent or delay the onset of the symptoms of many diseases, including Parkinson's disease.
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The research indicates that vitamin D may prevent or delay the onset of cognitive impairment and depression for patients with Parkinson's disease.

Explained the University of Health Sciences in Oregon that about 60% of patients who suffer from Parkinson's disease suffer from depression as well and about 30% have a weakness in cognition or dementia, and these results according to the institution of Parkinson's disease.

Research has found that the previous vitamin D plays an important role in the central nervous system and assist in the growth and stability of the nervous system and the function of mitochondria.

The study authors pointed out in a press release that vitamin D is absorbed in the body through the sun's rays; it is also found in foods such as fatty fish and supplements.

Patterson explained that the low level of vitamin D in the body increases the risk of disease, Patterson added that recently appeared in the study indicated that mothers who take high doses of vitamin D during pregnancy are more likely to have a child with strong muscles.

Some became addresses antibiotics without consulting a doctor or a diagnosis of the situation, do you summon eating antibiotic or not, we find the intake of indiscriminately, leading to serious damage to human health, the pain is more commonly used antibiotic for dental pain.

A professor and chair of the Department of wares the white blood cells incomparable immune system is found for the defense of any disease or microbe, in the case of immune dysfunction or the severity of the microbe are given antibiotics at intervals of sync from 6 hours to 12 hours, where due to the weight of the body and the human lifespan.
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Explains "serious Lord," that the antibiotic is divided into two types, the first is an antibiotic special resistance of aerobic bacteria that breathe air and be present in the nose and mouth and on the skin surface, while the second type of antibiotics is a special bacteria Anaerobic such as intestinal bacteria or tract.

The Professor and Chairman, Department of wares that when you feel pain you must specify the type of pain with the work necessary medical tests to make sure that the pain is not located causes of bacterial contamination, if bacteria pollution must take an antibiotic.

"The serious of the Lord", that after making sure about the underlying cause of the pain, and that's why the result of contamination of bacterial, finds taking course antibiotic ranging duration of 5:7 days, pointing to been negligence in the antibiotic was taken in an irregular manner lost his job, because the body back to be entered Army of natural resistance every 12 hours for the body.

He explained that if it is taking an antibiotic is not needed by the body will affect the immune system and hits the natural bacteria found in the body, indicating that some antibiotics affect the spinal source of blood-forming in the body, and the material found in some antibiotics affect the muscles of the heart .

Rising incidence of immunological diseases in the winter, where affected by lower temperatures, and between these diseases, "psoriasis”. What are the most important causes of injury, and what types, and the most important treatments for psoriasis?

Explains, consultant dermatologist and head of the Egyptian Society of Dermatology, Psoriasis occur as a result of the disorder in the immune system, which consists cells namely that attack skin layers lower, leading to a proliferation of cell surface composed scales that appear on the skin, which is the most important thing characteristic of psoriasis.

Studies indicate that psoriasis affects 2-3% of the world's population, or nearly 125 million people, pointing out that the human body renew skin every month, but when the incidence of psoriasis develops the proliferation of skin cells on the top layer of the skin in less time than the normal range, which leads to the accumulation of cells on the skin peels composed.

He added, "Solomon", it is difficult to determine the causes of injury psoriasis, especially as immune diseases that occur as a result of immune disorders is difficult to determine their causes, but there are some people vulnerable to disease immune from others, through history genotypic to their families, as rising infection rates with bad mental state and general weakness of the immune status in the body.

The "Solomon" to the emergence of the main symptoms of psoriasis crusts on the skin, and with a severe pain at the site of infection in the body, psoriasis, and inflammation in the joints, with patches of skin tend to blush or silver and covered in scales.

Dietary habits and genetic predisposition, may be one of the most important reasons for the injury some certain types of diseases, but did you know that the nature of your business a major role in increasing your chances of developing certain diseases are linked one way or another profession in which they operate?
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There are many jobs that require do exposure to certain conditions and may represent those circumstances a major cause of infection skin diseases, Specialist dermatology, describes the most important of these jobs, she says, of more jobs which make their owners susceptible to skin diseases are those that depends on dealing with children nursery teachers, due to the recurrence of injury to children of certain skin diseases such as measles, chickenpox, insect hair, tuberculosis.

There are also other diseases transmitted by infection through the gastrointestinal tract, which is worms, which are frequently spread among children, but in the case of transmission to adults symptoms appear on the skin in the form of blisters resemble boils.

Workers centers cosmetics and ladies houses also susceptible to certain skin diseases, the most important skin eczema, known illness housewives, as a result of dealing with the large number of detergents and chemicals.
On Health
Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Protection of public health and protection of each person's physical and mental health , active life enhancing medical assistance to political, economic , legal , scientific , medical , consists of a set of measures of hygiene and sanitation . The law on the protection of public health authorities in the country of stones , as well as state and non - state health system regulates the relations between the subjects .

Chapter . General Provisions
Article 1 The basic principles of public health protection .
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The basic principles of health protection of population below: the protection of the health of the population in the area of human and civil rights of individuals in the state this warranty responsibility of implementation of preventive measures in the field of protection of public health , medical and social assistance to all possibility of loss of health social protection.

Article 2 Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of public health protection .

Legislation in the protection of the health of the population of the Republic of Azerbaijan ing -, this Law , other 4 of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party to the relevant legislative and international agreements .

Article 3 Protection of public health and health protection of the population in the state, the state's duties include the following:

    Identify principles of state policy in the field of protection of public health , protection of human and civil rights and freedoms ;
    development and implementation of state programs in the field of health protection ;
    Defining the rules of the organization and functioning of the health system ;
    financing of the public health system ;

    protection of the environment , ensuring environmental safety ;
    the amount and payment of insurance premiums on compulsory insurance rules ;
    care for specific groups of the population

    provision of social assistance in the chest ;
    between state and non - state health system to ensure healthy competition ;
    family , parents , and child protection ;

    realize international cooperation in the field of health .

One of the most widely used in the world of Japanese. This 13 day period in accordance with the initial weight is possible to lose 5-12 kg . Japan " Yanks " clinic diet designed to regulate the metabolism of the human body , prevents the increase in the share of people for a long time . In accordance with the Japanese character, man , this diet is a daily menu requires a serious approach . Diet  within 13 days of sugar , salt , alcohol and use of prohibited products . Between food intake during the day in unlimited quantities can be boiled or carbonated mineral water to drink . Diet  only 2-3 years after the first use, can be reused . Diet anon daily mode is as follows:

1st day
Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch : 2 hard boiled eggs , cabbage salad ( sunflower oil ) , 1st . tomato shock .
Dinner : fried or boiled fish.

 2nd day
Breakfast: black coffee, dried crust .

Lunch : fried or boiled fish, vegetable salad ( sunflower oil ) .
Dinner: 100 g . boiled beef, 1 sty . yogurt .

 Day 3
Breakfast: black coffee, dried crust

Lunch : fried pumpkin, sunflower oil
Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs , 200 gr. boiled beef, cabbage salad ( sunflower oil )

 In 4 days
Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch : 1 raw egg, boiled 3 fat ( sunflower oil ) , 15 g . cheese.
Dinner : fruit.

Day 5
Breakfast: grated carrots ( with lemon shock ) .

Lunch : fried or boiled fish.
Dinner : fruit.
In 6 days
Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch : 0.5 g . boiled chicken , carrots or cabbage salad .
Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs , grated raw carrots ( sunflower oil ) .
7th day
Breakfast: tea.

Lunch : 200 g . boiled beef, fruit.
Dinner: dinner dishes can be used on other days ( except for the 3rd day ) .

Day 8
Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch : 0.5 g . boiled chicken , carrots or cabbage salad .
Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs , grated raw carrots ( sunflower oil ) .

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In 9 days
Breakfast: grated carrots ( with lemon shock ) .

Lunch : fried or boiled fish.
Dinner : fruit.
In 10 days
Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch : 1 raw egg, boiled 3 fat ( sunflower oil ) , 15 g . cheese.
Dinner : fruit.

 In 11 days
Breakfast: black coffee, dried crust .

Lunch : fried pumpkin and sunflower oil .
Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs , 200 gr. boiled beef, cabbage salad ( sunflower oil ) .
In 12 days
Breakfast: black coffee, dried crust .

Lunch : fried or boiled fish, vegetable salad ( sunflower oil ) .
Dinner: 100 g . boiled beef, 1 st . yogurt.

In 13 days
Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch : 2 hard boiled eggs , cabbage salad ( sunflower oil ) , 1st . Tomato shock .
Dinner : fried or boiled fish.

 CAUTION! If you breach any of the current regime, it will affect the outcome . It is also possible to change to another one. For example , if you want it to coffee , green tea, with city boiled root , pumpkin , you can substitute the. After expiration of the 13-day diet gradually increase the amount of daily. It is important to consult a physician before starting any diet.

 Usually every summer events is observed , which is typical for this season . Watermelon poisoning , snakes , insects and other planting . This year, full of accidents . First of all, it should be noted that the incidence of food poisoning in the absence of official data on the watermelon until it is claimed .

This is the most refreshing and delicious summer melons and attract people , but he used the time to train people, the destroyer of obstacles to be cut. Note that in the case of watermelon a natural cycle of growth is the month of August. However, during the month of June and July at the start of the sale of garden products. Although the sale of watermelons this year than ever before , no longer has a negative effect .

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However, this information has not been confirmed yet . Thus, according to the emergency station, this year's watermelon poisoning cases were not associated with " Their but it was associated with snake bites . These years snake has bitten 2 people . Both of them were treated allowed to go home. " A spokesman for the station, there is a need to educate people , and the season has not started yet for this melon and watermelon plants recommended.

" Still, there is no case of poisoning "
Republic of the toxicologist , Professor Ismail noted that the right to express their opinions on cases of poisoning are watermelon " Watermelon sweet and delicious product. 's Not possible to poison people . Watermelon poisoning, and as a result it is not used properly , there is someone that watermelon poisoning. reason in most cases is cutting watermelon washing .

such is the case with a watermelon knife in his microbes on the inside , and this is transmitted to contribute to the development of microbes . Yet , watermelon nutrition should be followed properly , to avoid poisoning . meal the reason for this is mainly the product after it is defeated . fact , the watermelon should be eaten before a meal . general , fruits and vegetables, a meal for 30 - 40 minutes should be eaten before .

watermelon , especially . watermelon fat accumulated in the upper parts of the stomach after a meal. eating watermelon in the upper part of the stomach is absorbed up to 2 hours in period begins. This led to nausea and. meal for 30 - 40 minutes before it is absorbed , and a negative result does not a few minutes . poisoning caused by the sun 's rays can also be a result of changes in the composition of the product . yet toxicology center with watermelon poisoning not received complaints about " .

I. there are a number of problems with the arrival of summer , said: " This year the number of applications increased by more than snake bites . Jan. 1 to July 1 was recorded in 29. Zara settlement only 5 - 6 years of age 1 the child died . infant to hospital, is in serious condition to save his life . , but 28 people were discharged from treatment . should be noted that the poison of the snake 's body to save the whey to the fact that the poison can be removed assay . , however, researchers often need to apply for it . "

chief toxicologist 8 people this year , scorpions by 3 people also said : " All patients fully recovered completely . Moreover, I , the number of appeals has increased in patients with seasonal. Therefore causing food to the old food , hybridized the effect of fruit quality and other drug intake , "he said .

 Which should give up watermelon ?
We have seen in the attitude of the head of the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology Center said that food safety , it is important to be extremely careful when using a watermelon : " First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to the reception where melons .

Avoid buying products directly affected by the sun's rays . Machine tracks edge of watermelon was sold on the streets of toxic substances into reaction with glucose is formed . therefore it would be better buying garden products at specific locations on the frame , as well as to give preference to products stored away from a lot of ways . "

I. also advised that it is important to wash thoroughly watermelon it before : " Even in the product washing with soap and boiled water, it is possible to prevent the danger . It should be noted that the watermelon is clean and completely dry , then you need to cut with a knife . Ripe products as soon as the knife struck the seeds is separated and are dark - brown or black color. Yellowish or brown color of the stripes on a watermelon, it indicates a lack of satisfactory “.

1 often claimed to 5 times a day for 4 hours is the time difference between, the body will understand that there is no need for backup storage and feeding less break .

2 Take control of your diet is not enough added cellulose pulp , fruit day 25 , noon, fresh salad , vegetable garnish, brown bread , and in the evening, mushrooms , herbs , and of course , eat vegetables .
3 If you cannot do without dessert give up sweets, marshmallow and marshmallow sticks ( sweets made of sugar and fruit) torch set , they almost animal - fat sweets the pectin in its composition is similar to
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4 . Less liquid tea to drink for the sake of companionship said inert really do not have calories , but affect the metabolism of alcohol and any liquid ( even if fresh ) refused , alcohol increases the appetite .

5 easy dishes, cheese - added addition to any ingredient meal calories , Fried , Grilled or wheat meat, herbs and vegetables, cooking sauces, ketchup , karalla improving the taste of the food they are eating more that we need to eat more than makers plate when you eat , when salt is added to induce best way you perceive yourself , will reduce the use of salt .

6 Selective (pasta , rice , white bread ) until the minimum use of animal fat and margarine to give up the torch , tap only oils , it is also a day not more than 1 teaspoonful of salt .

7 Please note that you must remain intact proteins restricting protein per day, 1kqcəkiyə 1qZulal organism , but also due to a decrease in muscle mass, lose weight, muscle building correct the use of protein products , eggs , fish , cottage cheese and the best summer cottage cheese , fat-free sweets .

Happen as a result of sagging skin to lose a lot of weight in a short time. The gradual weight loss or slow does not lead to a final sagging skin on the contrary, gives the body a chance to deal naturally with the changes that occur as a result of weight loss.
Eat a healthy balanced diet contains vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the health of the skin, and, above all, must be the process of losing weight gradually.
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How skin?
The beginning is not recommended doctor’s weight loss quickly and why you also you lose muscle density as well as fat. And maintaining muscle mass is necessary for the continuation of the process of metabolism and maintains the strength of the flesh and bones, ligaments textile.

Impairment of rapid weight: When you lose weight quickly, especially if accompanied by a diet or weight-loss surgery, the skin hanging unacceptably and it becomes difficult to get rid of this problem. And the problem of sagging skin occurs automatically after the loss of a large volume of weight (30 kg) in a short period of time.

Age and genetics: There are many factors that help sagging skin as well as the first reason referred to a rapid impairment of weight. Age is, genes and skin elasticity all of these factors contribute to sagging skin.
Pregnancy: You may treat abdomen after pregnancy.

Exposure to the sun: exposure past, present and future to the sun have its adverse effects on the skin.
Nutrition and drinking water: lack of access to healthy balanced diet and drink adequate amounts of water scarcity vitamins (especially vitamin C and e) affect the health and appearance of the skin.

Smoking: Smoking accelerates aging of the skin.
Weight loss and skin
Determine the state of the skin's elasticity before and during the process of losing weight ratio that will appear flabby skin after weight loss.

The greater the weight, the size of the opportunity sagging skin is stronger. Also, the length of survival of the excess fat in the body contributes to sagging skin after weight loss. And the shorter the duration of the fat in the body the opportunity to sag diminished proportionally.

 As well as difficult for the elderly patient with obesity prevent sagging skin and restore natural appearance after weight loss (and the reason for this is that the skin becomes less elastic with age).
The ideal rate of weight loss is one kg per week.


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