Click here to editThe use of children's organs tablet like other panels digital" from the dangers that threaten the health of their hands and fingers, the use of these panels retards the process of building the muscles of the hand to the young,

as you grow muscles of the hand and fingers usually in the early years through the movement of the hand while typing and coloring, so children who spend longer times in the use of digital paintings suffer from delayed growth of muscles in their hands.Best Muscles Building Program

He called experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics need to determine the time for children to use these devices and the duration should not exceed two hours per day.

They added that children under two should not use the tablets at all, stressing the removal of such devices for children's rooms.

Notably, previous studies have demonstrated that children's use of digital devices for long periods may cause them problems in the back and pain in the neck, so parents should determine times their children's use of digital devices in order to avoid health problems that may cause them.


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